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Summer Range - Pass Creek, Mackay, ID

Welcome to Carter Cattle Company

Carter Cattle Co. is a family owned purebred operation where the cattle business is a way of life.  For over 20 years we have focused on breeding Angus cattle that will thrive in harsh environments.  We have always utilized A.I. and  strive to select the best bulls available in the industry.  We will usually get between 80% - 85% A.I. sired calves and our cow herd is stacked with several generations of these industry greats.

As a family owned business you can have confidence in the EPDs that accompany our cattle.  We personally weigh every animal born here and don’t rely on hired help to take care of those critical tasks.  Our cattle are tested in harsh environments, much like most of our neighbors who have commercial operations.  We have confidence that if the cattle will work for us they will work for you.

We market our bulls and females in our annual production sale held in March, at the ranch.  We appreciate you taking time to visit our site and would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Thanks again for stopping by!

The Carters

Come visit us : Sale Day Thursday March 21, 2024

Sale day phone:

Val - 208-390-4811

Lex - 208-681-9711

Colter - 208-681-8859



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